Make a command based on the following sentences

1. You must help your mom.

     (Let me help you, mom)

2. You shouldn’t do that.

     (Don’t do that.)

3. We had better study together.

     (Let’s have a better study)

4. You mustn’t be arrogant.

     (Don’t be arrogant.)

5. You ought to be police

     (Be police.)

6. We don’t have to be here.

     (Let’s not be here.)

7. You have to obey your father even when he seems to strict.


8. We should take care of our earth.

     (Let’s take care of our earth.)

9. You shouldn’t be like that.

     (Don’t be like that.)

10.You must make your parent proud of you.

      (Be the proud of my parent)

Make the request for the given situation

1. You want to ask your tutor a question.

     (Can I ask a question?)

2. You are at your friend’s house. You want to use the phone.

     (Can I use the phone?)

3. You are at a restaurant. You’ve finished the meat. You ask a waiter for the bill.

     (Could you please lend me the bill?)

4. You knock on your tutors half open the door. He is sitting at his desk. You want to get in.

     (Can you open the door?)

5. You want to see Agung’s dictionary.

     (May I see your dictionary?)

6. You are in the class. You are hot. You are talking to your friend.



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